The Inorganic Materials Characterisation (IMC) facility is based in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory on South Parks Road, specialising in magnetic property and powder X-ray diffraction measurements. The facility houses an MPMS-XL and a state-of-the-art MPMS-3 SQUID magnetometer, low temperature conductivity measurement apparatus, a high-intensity Bruker D8 Advance Eco Cu sourced diffractometer, and high-resolution Malvern Panalytical X’pert and Empyrean Cu sourced diffractometers. The facility provides training to allow users to conduct their own measurements and support for interpreting their data. Access is open to members of the Chemistry department and is open to external researchers on request.

Magnetic property measurements are possible in the standard MPMS operating modes covering 1.8-400 K with DC, AC, and VSM magnetic measurement. Additional options are available for the MPMS3 including, Ultra low field, oven 300-1000 K, sample rotator, magneto-optic rod, electrical transport, and 1.3GPa high pressure cell.

The powder X-ray diffraction facilities are mainly focussed on routine characterisations. The Bruker D8 diffractometer is configured to provide high throughput powder diffraction measurements, with a 9-position sample changer and a fluorescence filtering detector. The X’pert and Empyrean diffractometers are configured for single-wavelength high resolution powder diffraction with variable optics and an option for transmission capillary measurement available on the Empyrean. Air-sensitive measurements are possible with in-house designed sample holders.

Low temperature (12-300 K) PXRD measurements, and room temperature powder PDF measurements on a molybdenum sourced instrument may be possible on special request through a collaboration within the department.